Saturday, June 9, 2018

02 The Day

The plan was to wake up early and head down to the wharf at Dawes Point to
watch the ship come in. Was a good plan for a 7 am docking, but Sydney ports
had it scheduled for 5am, not this black duck. too cold, too early..
But you know, when you are excited and are awake at 4am. what else do you
do, but get your phone out and check Ship Tracker. It showed the Sea
Princess just entering the head. Will I, Wont I. Oh Hang it, and up I get
fumbling to dress in the dark and racing out to the wharf.
In she came in all her Glory. Arrangements were made with our Auckland
friends for a wave by, but it was too dark to see anyone on deck. A little
disappointed, I stood under a street lamp to at least give them a chance..
Just as I thought all was lost, a faint call echo across the water:
"Morning Jo". well you never saw me wave so hard.. Yes, the holiday was
After a quick breaky with our Carly, it was time to get everything together
and get on that ship!
Embark was to start at 1pm and then staggered at every half hour. It was not
long before noon that they started calling up the first group to check in..
It was a little bit longer wait until the ship was ready to start boarding,
but by then nearly everyone in the terminal was checked in.
Dragging our wine through security worked a treat (no breakages yay!) and we
paid our corkage for the extra bottles.
Settling nicely into our stateroom, we decided to grab a quick bite up in
the Horizon Court. This is the first sign of any changes that we noticed.
They now have three sinks installed to encourage everyone to wash their
hands before going in and handling any food. I would really be interested
how well it works at its peak times.
There was the mandatory muster, which now, thank god, does not require you
to take along your life jackets.
Sailaway was dampened (literally), by the constant rainfall that had plagued
us all day. With good intentions Princess were handing out coloured glow
sticks to add to festivities of Vivid, but there were no crowds to wave to
as the streets were abandoned.
Step Count : 41,569.. a good start

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