Friday, June 8, 2018

01 The Day Before

It's not bad enough that you are always very busy getting ready for a world
.. But we have this habit of cheating ourselves of an extra day by staying
in the city.
Our day started by taking our Ally to the cattery; this is a first..
Nothing like throwing her into the deep end, 3 months, poor baby, won't know
what hit her...
We stayed at the Sydney Pier One hotel, nice and close for a OPT
departure... but a bit further for our rescheduled White Bay sail away.
We spend the first part of the day catching up with our good friends, Ray
and Paula, who flew over from Auckland. Marie and Mal also arrived and a
lovely afternoon was spent in an igloo-type structure which kept us out of
the cold wind, but still with a lovely view of the water.
Later that evening we had organised a Pre-cruise get together at the All
Hands Brewery at Kings St Wharf. Even the bad weather didn't stop us from
having a great time.

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