Friday, June 1, 2018

My Mission, If I plan to accept it…

For the past few months I have desperately been trying to lose the weight that I will gain on this cruise.  I thought that sounded better than “I better lose the weight from last years holiday before I start the next one..”

So the challenge to myself is to use my new Fitbit and walk a total of 1,000,000 steps over the course of this cruise. That is just under 10,000 steps a day ….  But we will strive to round it up..

At the end of each Blog entry I will update my running total… a bit like Garry's bread roll count from our 2011 cruise!!  Cheer me on Gang!!


  1. And I thought I was good deciding to never eat those delicious bread rolls on cruises!

    You will do it! Nothing like making your plan public for a bit of encouragement.

  2. Planning a WC in a couple of years so following with interest ......