Saturday, June 9, 2018

03 Onwards and Upwards

With the hopes of chasing some sun, the beautiful Sea Princess was heading
north for our call to Brisbane. Approx 300 passengers were disembarking
after completing their 35 day Hawaii Cruise and another 300 passengers were
joining us for the World cruise.
I spent my day running around delivering notes to my fellow Nauti Nomads in
preparation for our first meet and greet which we have held back till after
The cold weather was still plaguing us, so it looked like there was still
another day before the short sleeves make an appearance.
The highlight of today was a Cocktail Party organised by our Travel Agency
Clean Cruising. Having agents onboard for the Sydney - Brisbane run, we had
a lovely afternoon while they introduced themselves as we drank their
champagne and nibbled on their canapes. It was a lovely touch put on in
recognition to their onboard clients. Another little bonus was the Commodore
and Staff Captain popping in and mingling with the Guests.
Tonight was State of Origin night so in true Aussie fashion the Boys went to
the game while us girls had a Sex in the City moment and went to dinner on
our own .. Well we were accompanied by lovely bottle of Mumm Champagne.

Step Count : 41,569 + 8278 = 49,847.. starting to waiver

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