Monday, June 11, 2018

04 The Victorious Blues storm into Brisbane.

Was it the rain, was it the fact we had done it before or was it the effect of all that champagne, that today’s sail in was observed from the comfort and warmth of our bed. There was no sense of urgency in getting up today as weren’t meeting Garry’s brother Doug and Beth till 11 am. 

We had to dig out the umbrellas because once again the rain was still with us.  Portside is a lovely little area which has changed over the years that we have visited..  Trendy apartment blocks now line the foreshore and still the construction goes.  Passengers don’t have far to walk if they want to stock up on any last-minute necessities. IGA onsite, Woolies around the corner and Dan Murphy’s just a stone throw away.

We had a lovely lunch at the Hamilton Hotel and caught up with family news.  Our only hiccup for the day was we left all our money and credits cards back on the ship and unfortunately nobody on land takes our cruise cards.  Looking at the positive, we now know how to use a St George Atm in cardless mode!

Thankfully as the day progress, so did the weather and eventually we had blue skies and sunshine. Coming back on board we were excited as we were meeting back up with Ros and Arnold on a cruise ship…. Life is as it should be!!

With the weather improving, it made for a very pleasant sail away out the back of Deck 11

Step Count : 61,710  only 753,640 to go…..


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  1. Another lovely world cruise blog for me to follow you on! Thanks for posting them.