Wednesday, June 13, 2018

08 I like to be.. Upon the Sea!

It is always very easy to fall back into ship board life.. We haven't
changed, but the things around us have.
The only thing noticeable about our check in process was that we had no
health forms, and surprisingly they didn't even ask us the questions.
The wine got pass security, straight to the desk where is was counted and
corkage was charged for the excess bottles. This year instead of stamps they
gave us stickers to put on the bottles we were taking to the dining room.
Although the wine made it the power board didn't, we had to go and pick that
bag up from the Naughty Corner. Others got their power boards through, we
assumed ours was confiscated as it had a surge detector on it.
Anyone who had wine packed in their luggage, it was also held back
downstairs. It was checked and corkage was paid for the excess bottles
before it was released to it's owners. Not sure what happened to the pile
of wine casks that were stacked next to the door.
We got our World Cruise gifts, backpack, beach bag, Pen Set, Lanyards and
The new beds are comfy and the pillows are so plush. The new night lights
next to the bed have a USB port, I have my Phone Charging dock permanently
plugged in.
The blue outdoor carpet has been replaced with green astro turf.
I swear if I hear one more person ask about happy hour on the wake show I'll
scream. It seems to be a fleet wide decision. Have Princess shot themselves
in the foot for a cruise of this length .. Time will tell. It is not like
they would lose money as the cost of drinks has increased. Interesting
enough they have a drink of the day in patter, but it is advertised as the
same price as it is on the drinks menu.
When it come to drinks, I don't complain too much as they are lenient with
the fact that we can bring our wine on and pay corkage, and still a lot
smuggle on their liquor without a problem
To their credit they are trying to bring us up to speed with the rest of
fleet. On this cruise we have seen the introduction of the Elite Lounge.
With probably over 1500 Elite and platinum members, I think they are game.
It is held in the Vista Lounge on specific nights. We were going to go to
the first one but the queues were a little long, so we went out to the Nauti
Nomads Lounge on Deck 11.
By all reports it was very well received. There were those who were not
quite sure what an Elite Lounge entailed and soon turned around and walk
straight out when they realised that drinks still had to be paid for... I
haven't seen the drinks list yet but I will report when I have. There was a
large buffet of food set up on the stage area.. But we will wait and see, I
think the next one is on tomorrow night.. Cudos to Princess for giving it a
Washy Washy Washy, there are now three sinks installed as you enter the
Horizon Court. Tends to slow things down a little, but when it gets too
crowded people generally revert back to just using the hand sanitizers.
Now the big thing now is that you can buy your duty free alcohol now and it
will be delivered to your room at the end of the next sector. Now that
would have boosted revenue on day that was found out.. This means we will
get ours in Dubai . need to look for Coke at our next port of call.. Well
the one after, as I don't think Komodo Island will be able to cater to the

Step Count : 116,754. killing 10,000 a day . might have to up the ante

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