Tuesday, June 12, 2018

06 Nauti Nomads Meet & Greet

We waited till the day after Brisbane to have our first Meet & Greet. This
allowed for everyone embarking on this world adventure to join in.
My deck angels did a wonderful job in delivering everyone's invitations, and
I made up some special invitations for all the Senior Staff, including the
Commodore, Giuseppe Romano.
It was standing room only in the Legends bar as we had nearly 200 members
turn up. What was even more exciting was that we had a nearly 100% turnout
of staff attend as well.
Commodore Romano spoke and introduced each officer. We are very lucky to
have the Commodore as this is his retirement cruise. For his last
commission he chose to sail the Sea Princess. Apparently Australia was
where he first started, the Fairstar and the original Dawn Princess. So this
is where he wanted to end. Another to tick off his bucket list was to sail
a World Cruise, in all his years this is his first.
To me a sign of a successful meet and greet is when everyone lingers to chat
and not run off straight after.

Step Count : 80,687... That's better, back on track..

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  1. That incredible turnout of cruisers and staff at the M&G is a testament to your wonderful organizational skills. Glad it went so well and looking forward to another M&G after I board in Southampton. Until then, I will follow you on the early part of this journey around the world. Jeannie (Travelbug21)