Saturday, September 1, 2018

43 Miami - oh no. we ho ho'ed

There is something to say about being on a private tour in a a really hot
and large port of call. This would have been one of my least researched
port of call and we paid the price.
Our Sail in was much more than we expected. First is the long stretch of
Miami Beach, so flat that all you can see is the long row of hotels that run
a long coastline as far as you can see. So flat that it looks like the
buildings are sprouting straight out of the sea.
As you enter the channel that leads into the port area, we first pass Fisher
Island. Miami, having the reputation of being "the playground of the rich
and famous", this island is a prime example. This small island is home to
those who can afford the exorbitant prices. Developed to ensure the privacy
of its residents, the only access to the island is by ferry. The only way to
get a ticket to ride is to be a resident or be invited by a resident. Now
the Princess port guide does mention names but knowing how up to date and
accurate these guides are I will refrain in case of making a mistake.
A series of man made islands sit to our left, all linked by bridges and
roads, filled with waterfront properties with a price tag that we can only
dream about.
Miami Port also sits on an island and serves as a major turnaround port for
some of the big name cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival and
Norwegian. We pass an impressive new terminal being built in the shape of a
ship and I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't being sponsored by one of these
cruise lines for their exclusive use. I was excited to spot Royal
Caribbean's head office just behind the port, I know that sounds tragic, but
many times at work, reference is made about Miami HQ.
Carnival Vista and the Norwegian Getaway were already into their turnaround
process as we glided past, with the familiar announcements being heard in
the distance.

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