Sunday, September 9, 2018

47e Manta - the history bit - Museo Historico Alfarista

Adding a little history to our tour we drove up the mountain to visit the
Museo Historico Alfarista, a Museum dedicated to local boy named Eloy
Alfaro, leader of the Liberal Revolution of 1895. Deposing the president,
he named himself dictator and later became president.

In his years as president he brought Ecuador out of the dark ages, enacting
such things as freedom of speech, legalization of civil marriage and
divorce, built many public buildings including schools, and building the
Trans-Andean Railroad.

Just like most Australian prime ministers, he was removed from office by his
former supporters. Sent into exile he tried to make a comeback coup, but he
failed and was arrested and thrown into jail in Quito. Like all good
leaders, he made enemies along the way and the pro-catholic sympathisers
were top of the list. Breaking into the prison, they captured Alfaro and
his colleagues and dragged them along the cobbled streets to the city
centre, already dead by the time they arrived in the square, the mob burnt
their corpses.

Apart from everything that happened, he did liberate Ecuador and made
improvements that saved the country. President Correa had a Mausoleum built
in Monticristi and re interred some of Alfaro's recovered ashes in this most
amazing monument dedicated to this man.

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