Sunday, September 9, 2018

48d Lima Day 1 - Dinner

It was now time to stop for dinner before heading out to the Magic Fountain
Show. A lovely traditional restaurant called Cordon Bleu, treated us to a
complimentary Pisco Sour on arrival. A moreish drink made with Pisco (think
Peruvian grappa), lemon juice, eggwhites and that other flavouring that is
like bitters, but starts with A. ok ok I could look it up, but the internet
is not very good at the moment. Now I am also going to take a little more
poetic licence here as I can't remember the exact details. The person who
invented this was not from Peru, maybe English.. Just can't remember.
Anyway, he wanted to make a whisky sour, but with the lack of whisky he
improvised, and this new drink was born.

The majority of us dined on seafood of some kind, battered fish, calamari,
Peruvian paella and I thought I had ordered guinea pig, but alas ended up
with another type of seafood stew with a risotto.. Hmm something was lost in
that translation. delicious anyway!

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