Monday, September 3, 2018

44 Key West - Where size doesn't matter.

"The island of Key West proves the old adage that good things come in small
packages. With its palm lined streets, colourfully-restored 19th century
homes, significant cultural sites and historic seaport, Key West packs a lot
of paradise in it's four-mile by one-mile frame"
Couldn't have described it any better myself. Key West is the last island
of the Florida Keys, a group of islands linked together by one long highway
and a lot of bridges hanging like a chain off the coast of Miami. You can
spend several hours driving the entire single lane highway or you fly
directly in a small plane and land at the Key West International Airport.
Did you say International Airport!!
Key West is the quirky little holiday destination. A bit like the Gold
Coast without the highrise and the Asian dollar shops, but with a little
more class... in my opinion that is. Key West is unusual, and I swear there
is a bar on every corner of every street!
Its only downside is the heat and humidity; it is so oppressive and said to
us by our dear Floridian friend who flew down specially to spend the day
with us, that if you live in these parts, you do everything you need to do
by 9.30am and then spend the rest of the day indoors in air conditioned
We didn't have that option - what made it worse was that we had our time
ashore cut by one hour as the captain decided we needed to leave early to
make Limon on time, but then, due to the currents we were running at least
an hour late arriving alongside our berth.
We gave our friend Kristin the option of Charleston, Miami or Key West to
catch up with us. Key West won. In hindsight wouldn't it have been fun to
hire a car in Miami and drive straight down the Keys and stayed overnight. I
wonder if you could have caught a flight from the airport to Limon. well it
is international LOL.
We cruised straight into our berth and everyone was pretty keen to get
going. We docked right next to Mallory Square and everything was in easy
walking distance. On the wharf there were tours available, including the
very popular Trolley or Conch Trains, Key West's version of a Ho Ho.

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