Thursday, September 13, 2018

51 Pitcairn Island

The morning started with everyone gathering up on the Riviera Deck for the
2018 World Cruise Photo. The Flags of the world were hung from the railings
on deck 14 which added a brilliant splash of colour. Blessed with blue
skies and bright sunshine, the captain agreed to turn the ship to ensure
that the sun was in the right position.

The backdrop to our photo was the picturesque Pitcairn Island. As soon as
all the important people were back on the bridge, they swung the ship around
and started our circumnavigation.

The islanders are no longer brought onto the ship. Hutch, our well-informed
destination lecturer gave us a commentary while we sailed around.

The island is rugged and there are no pristine sandy beaches along these
shorelines. The islanders have a long ramp that they use to slide their
long boats in and out of the waters. On one side you see the small
community of Adamstown with its homes dotted up and down the mountainside.
The other side of the mountain so rugged which only a mountain goat could
survive, but the colours of the terrain looked amazing.

Story has it, that after Fletcher completed his mutiny, he found a map in
Bligh's papers that showed an isolated island in the middle Pacific. For 3
months he zigged zagged the ocean until they finally found it. It was
nearly 20 years before they were discovered. That only happened when a
supply ship sailed close by and the island sent out a welcoming party. The
penny dropped when a young boy in his excellent King's English introduced
himself as Friday October Christian! By then Fletcher was long gone and the
only Mutineer still alive was John Adams. I assume due to the time that had
lapsed he was granted amnesty for his part in the Mutiny.

The stepping continues 1,164,923

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