Tuesday, September 18, 2018

53b Raiatea, where have you been all my life.

We had the warmest welcome from the locals, who had planned a whole day's
activities along the foreshore for our visit. Traditionally dressed, they
sang and patiently took photos with us as we disembarked this morning. The
small information centre just off the wharf had many tours available for
those who didn't already have plans for the day. Unfortunately, we would
miss the dancing and other demonstrations as we were off on a whole day
tour. Once again it was straight off one boat then on to another for us. No
lounging or relaxing in the sun on this boat; it was all about the speed.
Three huge engines propelled us at a breakneck rate across to Raiatea's
sister island Tahaa. Like a dog hanging out of a car windows our faces
contorted in the wind as we watched with our tongues hanging out, all the
beautiful vistas that passed us by.

Tahaa is much smaller than Raiatea, and as both islands are enclosed by the
same coral reef, it is believed that they were once a single island. Small
in size, but big with the opportunities of things to do.

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