Sunday, September 9, 2018

47d Manta - the Tagua factory

Then it was back in the van for the 20 min drive to Monticristi, birthplace
of the famous Panama Hat.
But there is another export from this town that you may not be aware of and
that is Tagua.
What is a tour without visiting a factory. Tagua is a nut that comes from a
palm tree. It is known as the "Vegetable Ivory". Within the walled
compound of the Tagua workshop, nuts are spread out on every available
space. Paths are left to allow workers to move around without risking
injury by walking on a nut. In just two months these nuts are as hard as
ivory and can be carved and polished into just about anything. Coloured to
make beautiful buttons and jewellery, this seems to be their most popular
use and a much cheaper option than those made from real ivory.

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