Sunday, September 9, 2018

48f Lima Day 1 - Magic fountains 2

The star of the show was the 15 min production that featured a long stretch
of jets, shooting up and spraying in formation creating intricate designs
highlighted by the coloured lights shone upon them.. Mists of water created
a screen where the images and symbols of Peru were projected upon them.

Nathaly from Haku tours did wonderful job today showing us this snippet of
her city. She is an attractive mix of Andean and Chinese, a qualified
architect, who guides to make ends meet. It was a quicker drive back to the
ship at that time of night and our drop off point was where the shuttle
brought us to in the morning. Alas we had just missed a bus, so we had to
wait at least 30 min for the next to arrive. Although there was security on
guard, Nathaly and our driver kept us in the van until the next bus turned
up. Our length of waiting time was exacerbated by the large convoy of
trucks crawling along converging in from all directions trying to enter the
one road that gets you in and out of the port. Luckily our gate was in a
different direction so once we managed to cross the path of the trucks it
was a pretty straight forward run in.

Great Day! Step count 1,077,656

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