Saturday, September 1, 2018

43c Miami - South Beach and Bayside

After our lunch, in what else but an Irish pub, we completed the circuit of
the Blue line. Now back at the Bayside, we contemplated jumping back on the
Red line HO HO to hop off at the Wynwood Walls, an area of excellent
graffiti. But the thought of a 30 min wait for the next bus, then the wait
to get back on the bus, and as this stop was near the beginning of the
route, it meant that we would have another 60min of busing to get back. It
was hot, the rain was imminent, and we were just plain tired.
Being Sunday, Bayside was crazy with not just cruisers but the locals too.
Live music, local shops, restaurants, bars and markets were all on offer.
You don't know what you don't know, and in hindsight a taxi or to tackle
public transport to each of 3 places we wanted to visit probably would have
more beneficial.

Still managed 11,000 steps even though we were on a bus .. Total step count
= 995,362

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