Sunday, September 9, 2018

47i Back in Manta

Back in Manta we chose to leave our group at the city market square.
Following the recommendations of our guide we stopped for lunch at a café
called Casa Rosada, aptly named after the rose-coloured building it resides
in. After chatting with several other Sea Princess passengers already
sampling their culinary delights we chose their specialty of fish cooked in
a traditional manner with a side of salad and fried plantain.

The central park was busy with local families enjoying their Sunday
afternoon with lots of street vendors selling treats for children and street
food for the grownups. If you looked close enough you could find some local
iguanas venturing out on the grass.

Leaving Garry with friends and a bottle of beer, I walked around the markets
just in case there was something different, and now that I sit and write
this, there are these pangs of "gee, I wish I bought that!"

Back on the ship we stood on deck and still they continued to empty fish
into containers, where do they all come from, how can there be any fish

Step count 1,058,697

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