Saturday, September 15, 2018

52d Tahiti - Papeete

Heading out for a little scenic cruising around the island, we sailed
through one of largest marinas on the island to watch the paddle boarders
catching some waves. Being Sunday, we saw many families venturing out in
their tinnies finding the perfect spot to anchor, pop up the beach umbrella
and swim around the shallows of the sand banks.

Just one more swim for us before we headed back, but there was one more
treat. Rum Punch. Not that we need the rum for coaxing when Lorita had us
dancing a little hip swing as we pulled up to the dock. Another fabulous

We finished the day with dinner out on the forecourt where the food trucks
had set up. Realised last time and confirmed this time, the service is
particularly slow. The food is prepared and cooked fresh in the vans and
outdoor BBQ's, but surely it doesn't take that long to cook a stir fry!

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