Monday, September 3, 2018

44h Key West - Sunset at Mallory Square

The thousands of bars are a dead giveaway that Key West is a party town and
are always looking for something to celebrate. Knowing they can count on
this every night, rain or shine, hundreds gather in Mallory Square to
celebrate the setting sun. A nightly event that has taken place for nearly
40 years. Craft Stalls, buskers, bands and pop up bars help get everyone in
the mood. A flotilla of small boats, catamarans and floating motorised
beach huts gather between the square and sunset island. Then in that final
moment when the sun dips down below the horizon, like a standing ovation,
everyone erupts into a chorus of claps and cheers.
Ok there is some poetic licence here as there was this huge cloud
strategically placed right in front of the sun, but the effects were
dramatic, masking the cue for any applause.

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