Friday, September 7, 2018

46 Transiting the Panama Canal

There was a buzz around the ship this morning as we were approaching the
first of the locks that would see us transiting the Panama Canal and moving
from one ocean to another.
Gliding into the Gatun Locks we are lifted in a series of locks, up 85ft to
the Gatun Lake. From our vantage point out the front of deck 11, we watched
as the two lines men jumped into their little row boat to catch our ropes
and secure us to the mechanical mules that will keep us steady within the
lock. An archaic looking process, but yet proven to be the most efficient.
We sailed through the Gatun lake admiring the lush green small islands,
which are just the mountain tops left behind after they flooded the valley.
Hutch, the destination lecturer, did a marvellous job with his commentary
from the bridge. Combining his knowledge, along with the local pilots and
our captain, he shared a lot of interesting information.

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