Friday, September 7, 2018

46a Transiting the Panama Canal

Everybody spent the day wandering around the ship, snapping photos, admiring
the view and searching for stray crocodiles that could sometimes be seen
swimming along the waters edge or sunning themselves on the banks.
Apart from the odd car ferry, there is not a lot of infrastructure along the
way. Well, there is one compound that has found notoriety by default. A
high fence topped with razor wire is the only thing that stands between us
and the infamous jail where Mr Noriega is currently imprisoned. Maybe he
was one of the inmates clinging to the fence watching longingly as our large
white cruise ship, representing freedom and an all you can eat buffet sailed
passed. Living conditions didn't look all that flash, but I guess this
offers a real consequence for breaking the law, as opposed to our modern
airconditioned jails, where at least our inmates have a chance to

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