Sunday, September 9, 2018

48e Lima Day 1 - Magic Fountains

I would have to say the highlight of the day was our visit to the "Circuito,
Magico Del Agua". Think Bellagio, think Dubai's dancing waters and you will
have a water and light show that would easily give them a run for their
money. Fountains of various shapes and sizes sprayed gallons of water high
up into the air. Coloured lights added another dimension to the cascading

Interact with fountains as you run through an arch of streaming jets, unable
to avoid the mist of residual water. Memorise the sequence, then take your
chance and run to the centre, before the jets of water shoot out of the
ground and wet those who left their run too late. Huddle with others in the
centre while the waters dance around you threatening those with a drenching
if they put one foot out of place

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